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    iPod touch
    This list is from

    And i wanted to post this to anyone who cares really

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    IOKit Tools - ioalloccount, ioclasscount, ioreg
    iPatcher - removes the brick mode from iPhone
    Kernal Extension Tools - tools that work with kernal extensions
    Isof - shows what files programs have open
    Sudo - temporarily assume root priviledges
    top - at-a-glance process watching tool


    cpio - predecessor to tar that is used by RPM
    DMG2IMG - converts compressed dmgs to HFS+
    fastjar - faster native alternative to Java's Jar
    libarchive - backend library for working with tar files
    rzip - the best compression algorithm
    unrar - de-compress files in rar format
    7-zip (POSIX) - claims to be a good compressor

    Data Storage

    cvs - the original popular revision control
    Git - fast content-addressable filesystem
    Subversion - modern version control system


    APR - platform abstraction library from Apache
    APR-util - data structures and utilites for Apache APR
    Assuan - GnuPG's inter-process communication
    Bison - GNU parser generator derived from Yacc
    Bootstrap Commands - Mach interface and stub generator
    Class Dump - reverse engineer Objective-C headers
    Csu - library loading and support stubs
    Darwin CC Tools - linker and assembler for the iPhone
    developer-cmds - ctags, error, hexdump, rpcgen, unifdef
    Flex - GNU lexer derived from Lex
    glib - basic object management used by Gnome
    GNU C Compiler - a native c compiler _on_ the phone
    GNU Multiple Precision - (Big) Arithmetic Library
    GNU Portable Threads - portable threading library used by X
    Google Data API's - GData client library (Objective-C)
    indent - automatically prettifies a C program

    iPhone 2.0 Toolchain - Full *compatibilty toolchain with one click! Use this to compile your 1.1.x apps for 2.0 with some limitations. BigBoss' headers for 1.1.1 from working Cygwin toolchain. Also depends on all other necessary packages. Copies to /var/include and symlinks /usr/local/include to /var/include if possible. Also links gcc to arm-apple-darwin-gcc.

    libffi - dynamic generation of function calls
    libgpod - ipod data access library
    libsigc++ - callback framework for C++
    LibVNCServer - backend library for VNC servers
    Link Indenty Editor - pseudo-codesign Mach-O files
    Make - dependency-based build environments
    Patch - merge a difference onto a file
    XML Parser Toolkit - Stream-oriented XML parser written in C


    C.I.D.E - An add-on dictionary for App Store's WeDict.
    Hebdict - An add-on dictionary for App Store's WeDict.
    Merriam-Webster - An add-on dictionary for App Store's Wedict.
    SpaDict - Spanish <-> English


    GRiS - Google Reader iPhone Sync - RSS Client for Google Reader feat image caching for true offline viewing.


    gpSPhone - gameboy advance emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
    Macman - an outstanding Pacman knock-off with a nice twist!
    NES - NES Emulator for iPhone

    quake4iphone - Includes shareware Quake files. Retail files highly recommended. Visit for more info.

    ScummVM - is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files.
    Whirlwind 21 - is a clone of an online solitaire game based on Blackjack.


    Disable Auto Correction - This package will disable the auto-correction feature while typing on your iPhone.
    Pysl (2.0b2) - Call and SMS filtering tool for iPhone.
    Volume Boost (2.0.1) - This package will increase the overall volume output of your 2.0.1 iPhone.


    Intelliscreen - Scroll through Calander, Mail, SMs, News, Sports and Weather on your lock screen! Intelliscreen also provides IntelliAlerts, Intellidial and more!


    Classpath - open source implementation of Jave
    iPhone/Jave - example applications (with source) in Java
    JamVM - Small, intricate, fast Java interpreter
    Java SQLite - JNI bindings and JDBC driver for SQLite
    Jikes - native faster alternative to Java's javac
    JocStrap - Java/Objective-C connection library


    Aussie Number localization - A patch that fixes number formatting in Australia.
    BrFix - Brazilian Regional Fixes
    Hebrew Keyboard - Hebrew keyboard (removes russian keyboard)
    Hebrew Localization - Carrier logos, phone number formats.
    RuFix - Russian Regional Fixes
    Slovak Language Replacement
    UaFix - Ukrainian phone formats fix.


    Abstract WP Collection 1 - A collection of over 270 original abstract wallpapers.
    Abstract WP Collection 2 - A collection of over 270 original abstract wallpapers.
    Abstract WP Collection 3 - A collection of over 270 original abstract wallpapers.
    Animorphs Series eBooks - This is a package containing every book in the Animorphs series (except the two AlternaMorphs).
    Cycorder - Video recorder with real time compression.
    FAAC - open source library for MPEG-4 AAC
    FAAD - open sournce library for MPEG-4 AAC
    Festival-Lite - embedded text-to-speech library
    Illustration WP Collection - A collection of 22 original illustration wallpaper.
    Flixwagon - Broadcast your life live from your iPhone to
    LAME - open source (lgpl) mp3 encoder
    MiVTones - (formerly known as Videostone) The worlds first Video ringtone for iPhone (1st Gen and 3G), which lets you playback a standard formatted-for-iPhone video whenever someone calls.
    Modplayer - A mod player that supports a huge variety of formats.
    MxTube - The first native YouTube video downloader.
    Ogg - open multimedia container format
    PhoneZap - Zap it, Snap it, Share it! Send Goeotagged pictures.
    PhotoArt WP Collection - A collection of over 270 original PhotoArt wallpapers
    png - library for manipulating PNG files.
    Pocket Touch - is a guesture based control scheme for MobileMusicPlayer that allows you to quickly and easily control your music player via swipes or gestures.
    Qik - enables live video streaming from your iPhone to the web.
    Scrobble - Scrobble apps to as they are played on the iPhone.
    SwapTunes - Allows you to Sync with multiple iTunes libraries.
    SyncStep - automatically calculates how fast you're walking and plays song from your library that match your pace.
    Talking Alerts - Talking alerts for new mail, SMS and voicemail.
    TIFF - Tagged Image File Format library
    Twilights Series eBooks - This is a package the first three of the Twilight series converted to RTF from PDF.
    Video Recorder - a powerful iPhone 2.0/3G oriented video recorder.
    Vorbis - Open audio compression format
    x264 - open source implementation of x264


    IRCm - VERY BETA! Native IRC client for iPhone.


    Automatic SSH - continually reconnects an ssh session
    BIND DNS Server - the standard DNS server used by millions
    b*tch X - incredibly common IRC attack client
    connect.c - Very simple SOCKS and https proxy
    cURL - flexible multi-protocol file transfers
    dict - client for accessing online dictionaries
    irssi - supposedly advanced console IRC client
    libdict - backend library for dictionary servers
    libpcap - low level network capture library
    lighttpd - very small, supposedly fast, webserver
    links - console web browser with mouse support
    Lynx - older, better, console web browser
    mDNSResponder - the normally bundled client programs.
    minicom - serial communication software
    My TraceRoute- Traceroute "on Steroids"
    nail - modern implementation of mail
    ncftp - the best client known to man
    neon - HTTP and WebDAV client library
    Netatalk - open-source ApplTalk implementation
    netcat - simple socket manipulation tool.
    ngIRCd - next generation IRC daemon.
    ngrep - filter network traffic by a filter
    Nmap - analyze and scan remote network hosts
    OpenNTPD - designed/specifically/ for OpenBSD
    OpenSSH - secure remote access between machines
    rdesktop -
    Safari Download Plug-In - The download plugin for 1.1.x by hachu now updated for 2.0
    SOCKs Relay - simple SOCKS 4/5 proxy server
    stunnel - wraps connections with SSL support
    tcpdump - dumps and stores network traffic
    Weechat - light and extensive irc client
    wget - simple HTTP file transfer client
    WhatIP - A quick tool to display the current network (IP) address.
    whois - client for querying whois servers
    3proxy - tiny free proxy server


    Aptitude - Advanced command-line APT frontend
    RubyGems - standard ruby package manager
    Setup Tools - Package manager for Python modules


    Betty's Cookbook - A nice cookbook with 24 recipes and pictures.
    Book Reader - HTML BookReader for iphone OS 2.0.
    FileViewer - Simple app to read local files, incl pdf, html and images.
    HPCalc - a all in one solution (HP11C, HP12C, HP15C and HP16C all contained in a single app, click on the HP logo to switch calculator)

    textReader App for viewing large text and Palm Doc .pdb eBook files.
    WebSearch - Customizeable web search program.
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    iPod touch

    BigBoss' Source - BigBoss's APT repository
    comcute's Source - Estonian Language support packages
    CZ&SK community repo - Ceska a Slovenska komunita pro FW 2.0
    FreeCoder's Source - iCosta Master Repository
    Hack&Dev Team Source - iCommander Master Source
    Hackers Dot NL - Belgian and Dutch Support
    iFoneTec's Source - MivTones Master Repository
    iAccess' Source - iAcces Master Repository's Source - Polish language support packages
    iClarified - The iClarified repository
    iPhoneHE's Source - Herbrew language support packages.
    iPhone Islams Source - Arabic language support packages.'s Source - Germanic language support packages
    iPhone-Patch's Source - Bulgarian language support packages.
    ModMyifone's Source -'s APT repository.
    Nik's Sources - Nik S Denin's iPhone Projects
    Paperclips & Scrambled Eggs - MiVTones Master Repository.
    Rich Creations's Source - Repository for Fortune Files
    SaladSofts's Source - Piano Chord Dictionary Master Source.


    GNU - Cryptography - LGPL cryptographic algorithm library
    GnuPG 2 - newer encryption compatiable with OpenPGP
    GnuPG Errors - GnuPG's error management library
    Kerberos - giant authentication system from hell ;P
    KSBA - GnuPG's certification management library
    Metasploit - development platform for creating security tools & exploits.
    Stealth MAC- set arbitrary wireless mac address on boot
    VFDecrypt - decryption utility for iPhone images


    iPhone/Python - example applications (with source) in Python
    m4 Processor - arcane macro processing engine
    PyObjC - Python/Objective-C connection library
    Python - architectural programming language
    Ruby - optimized for developer happiness
    SpiderMonkey - Mozilla's Javascript implementation - iPhone-specific PyObjC extensions


    BiteSMS -


    CToggle - Simple toggle switch that can disable and enable auto correction.
    CToggle Boss BossPrefs Addon - Add autocorrect toggle to BossPrefs to enable / disable keyboard auto correct.
    GnuTLS - free software alternative to OpenSSL.
    gTxtEdit - A 2.0 Text editor
    Lockdown - Password protect your applications with Lockdown.
    NemusSync - Sync Google calander with iPhone Calander.
    PowerTool - Reboot, Respring your iPhone with ease.
    Rename - Allows you to rename one or more of your apps on the SpringBoard.
    swapBT - One button bluetooth toggle.
    TapDial - Allows you to quick dial one-tap icons to your springboard.
    UUID Generator - universally unique Idenifiers
    WbApp - Provides a theme preview for EVERY Summerboard or Winterboard you have installed and for EVERY new theme you install. It also provides a different approach to configuring your theme by using toggle switches.
    WifiToggle - A fast WifiToggle for the springboard.

    Terminal Support

    Midnight Commander - portable console file manager
    MobileTerminal - local UIKit-based Terminal emulator
    Screen - multiplexes a terminal into many
    TENEX C Shell - enhanced version of BSD C Shell
    Z Shell - a shell with interactive features

    Text Editors

    ed - the standard text editor, 'nuff said
    VBinDiff - hex editor and differencing tool
    Wi IMproved - the best syntax highlighter, ever

    Air Horn - A fun airhorn toy.
    Am I Rich - A clone of the appstore app. but it's free.
    Animal Jokes - add on for Jokes app
    Dirty Jokes - add on for Jokes app
    FunHelloWorld - app with its own customization and soundtrack
    Jokes - Jokes app.
    Marriage - jokes app add on.
    Massage - Make your iPhone vibrate. Be good.
    Musician Jokes - add on for Jokes app.
    MyPootz - A very funny fart machine.
    Questions - add on for Jokes app.
    SantaBanta - add on for Jokes app.
    SteveJobsVoicer - Tap the pictures to hear funny quotes from Steve Jobs.
    SpoofApp3g - Voice changer, Call Recording, and caller ID spoofing.
    TiVoRemote - Control your TiVoHD and Series 3 TiVo with your iPhone/iPod Touch
    Yes or No - Randomly generates yes or no responses.
    Yo Mama Jokes - add on for Jokes app.
    2.0 Safari Patch - Adds file:// support for local file viewing to safari.


    AT&T Carrier Logo - Better carrier logo for AT&T USA.

    BossPrefs MobileCal Patch - plugin that hides the date from the
    MobileMusicPlayer Flip - for iPod Touch users. Gives you an iPod icon on your homescreen instead of a music icon and videos icon.
    Net.-Local Number Format - fix phone numbers for roaming and locales.
    Optus Logos/GPRS Fix - replacement logo's for Aussie Telc
    Optus/Virgin GPRS Fix -
    Telstra Logos - Replacement logo's for Aussie Telc.
    TMobile Carrier Logo - Better carrier logo for TMobile USA.
    T-Mobile US Carrier - Carrier bundle for Tmobile US.
    T-Mobile US Carrier (Internet2 APN) - Carrier bundle for Tmobile US
    TZones Hack - Enable T-Mobile $5.99 internet.
    Virgin AU Carrier support - Virgin mobile logos/carrier settings for iPhone.
    Vodafone AU GPRS Fix - Vodafone AU GPRS fix
    Vodafone AU Logos/GPRS Fix - Replacement carrier logo's for Aussie Telc.
    Vodafone NZ GPRS FIX -


    AppBackup- Backup and restore App Store apps.
    Appflow -An application launcher using Cover Flow
    Aspell - command line spell check engine
    basic-cmds - msg,uudecode,uudencode, write
    bc - arbitrary precision console calculator
    Binary Calc - A calculator that shows display in base 2 (binary) as well as base 10 (decimal) at the same time.
    BootNeuter - Official Dev Team unlocker for 2.0 firmware 2g iPhones.
    BossPrefs - Services / Settings app replacement. Combines all settings apps with a dock launcher to clean up your springboard . Hide icons, respring, reboot. Create your own toggles.
    BossPrefs Safari DL Control - Adds bossprefs safari DL control for safari Download Plug-in.
    CallMe - is an app that allows you to add on touch dial icons to the SB.
    Customize - Customize the look of your iPhone!
    Enhanced C******* - A bit******* command-line client.
    Ericas Utilities - A collection of command-line utilities for various purposes.
    file - guesses the type of a file from contents.
    file-cmds - chflags, compress, ipcrm, ipcs, pax.
    Freepops - An extensible mail proxy.
    Freepops Bossprefs Toggle - toggles the freepops control on and off.
    gLauncher - A simple applications launcher for 2.0.
    Flashlight - Flashlight app. Unlike appstore versions, gets brighter.
    iCallBR - The iCallBr allows you to clear any call one by one, from your recent calls history.
    iCommander - Minimalistic file manager for iPhone.
    iLocator - This little utility for amateur radio uses gps, gsm cell or wifi to find the grid locator of your position.
    Insomnia - allows applications to continue to run and WiFi to work long after the screen has been switched off.
    iPoints - Calculate Weight Watchers points.
    iReboot - easily reboot and respring your iphone via a GUI.
    iTextUploader - Backup your SMS messages and store them "in the cloud" Works together with YouArchive. See for more details.
    Kill Exchange Lock - Nifty utility that lets you remove the phone passcode lock requirement for exchange.
    KillSB - is a utility to restart your SpringBoard by one touch.
    Launcher - A simple applications launcher.
    Locatable - Extend the iPhone's GPS capabilities to any website through the standard browser!
    Metronome - Fully functional metronome. Include tap tempo feature, ranges from 30 to 250 BPM, 0 to 19 beats per bar, and has 9 selectable rhythms.
    Make it Mine - Change your carrier name to whatever you'd like.
    MoonPhase - is an iPhone app that will display the current phase of the moon.
    OfflineMaps - Switching your offline google maps.
    Poof - Hides icons! Unhide icons! Get some of those icons off your springboard that you do not want to see.
    Pysl (2.0b2) - Call and SMS filtering tool for iPhone. Secure your private messages and stay relaxed!
    Respring - This performs a fast, non-locking restart of your springboard.
    rlwrap - provides readline to anything
    rpl - replace strings with files.
    ruBooks - from ZodTTD.
    SMSNotify - buzzes in your pocket periodically when you have an unread SMS or voicemail message. 3 buzzes for SMS and 2 for voicemail.
    structured Grep - search patterned data using patterns .
    Snapture - full featured camera app that extends the possibilities for iPhone photography.

    SwapCamera Roll - Allows to have two camera roll folder by switching between each other at one time. Use if you want to seperate different picture taking event or to hide what you got in your camera folder from others.

    Toggle SSH - SSH toggler for 2.0
    Transformer - Make your iPod Touch look like an iPhone!
    UIKit Tools - command line access to Apples UIKit
    xml2 - simple tools to help grep xml

    X Window System

    Input (Prototypes) - prototypes for X's input layer
    Inter-Client Exchange - X's inter-client exchange library
    kbproto - prototypes of X's keyboard layer
    pthread-stubs - fills in missing pthread prototypes
    Session Management - session management library for X
    x11 - core library used by X applications
    xau - X authentication protocol library
    xcb - smaller, faster X protocol library
    xcb-proto - prototypes for X client library
    xext - helper library for X extensions
    xextproto - the original desktop sypware
    xi - X input extension library
    xineramaproto - prototypes for Xinerama library
    xmu - miscellaneous X utility library
    xproto - prototypes for core X libraries
    xt - X toolkit intrinsics library
    xtrans - X transport abstraction library

    Rhino - Java implementation of Java Script
    UICaboodle - iPhone-specific JocStrap extensions
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    Well that was useless.
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    4G iPod touch
    You have wwwwwwaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much free time on your hands. You should get PhotoShop

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    PS: It's fun quoting such a massive post

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    you do have too much time on your hands, but i do actually appreciate that. It will help a lot when i decide what apps i will want, and its nice they are broken up all in one place.
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    your post really helps. its hard to browse cydia coz of too many beautiful apps. its more easier to compare which one you like..

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    2G iPod touch
    gaME patches

    i found some game patches for ipod touch on cydia and i was wondering if there is a list of patches that can be installed but with a different source
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    i need abit of help i dont quite get springboards, summerboard and winterboard. on my iphon i have a black backround with a silver bar at the bottom then apps on the foreground. is this my springboard? having touble all round wiv these things.
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    3G iPod touch
    This is actually surprisingly useful.

    Thank you.

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