Cydia error (2)

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by icarus2505, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    Ok i know there are some posts about the Cydia problem... but i tried almost everything.
    First i jailbreak with 7.0, Cydia doesnt launch, it opens and closes in 1 sec..
    i restored, installed 7.01, same thing, it crashes in an instant
    i restored, used 7.02, i saw that icy didnt go along with cydia so tried to install cydia alone.. but it crashed. so i installed cydia and icy both. they both launch, but this time i get the error(2) with cydia, so it cant install anything... i am frustrated :S
    ohh btw i have a first gen iphone

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