Cydia Crash Serious HELP!

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Deathmourn, Jun 28, 2009.

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    iPod touch
    Ok my Cydia was crashign everytime I started it no big deal right?
    I respringed..same thing...meh
    I waited a few days and since my iPod regularly crashes and gos into Safe-Mode I got out of that..
    Still nothing..
    I reboot.
    10 Minutes later I type in my password and go to Cydia. Still nothing.
    I'm getting irritated so I anturally go to Google.
    Leads me to this site.
    Someone had the same issue and the person responded to put the following into Terminal.

    If it's crashing, open teminal, and type the following:

    su root (hit return)

    alpine (hit return)

    apt-get remove cydia (hit return)

    Yes, do as I say! (hit return)

    apt-get install cydia (hit return)

    Then exit, and open Cydia. Voila!

    I got to the third line and I entered it cuz there were posts saying it was ok.

    This is where I get to the point
    My iPod then proceeded to go into a spasctic DO WHAT I SAY
    I thought this was odd but didn't panic.
    It kept on saying that for a very, very , very long tiome and was going so fast it was lagging.
    After realizing it sapped over half my battery I pressed the home button and tried to repeat the process.
    Terminal was still doing it so I forced it to quite with backgrounder.
    Tried again.
    Terminal didn't work.
    I tried to free up my memory.
    iPod Froze.
    I reboot.
    I tried it again no luck.
    Got out of safe mode.
    Terminal works but won't delete or install Cydia.

    Since I have made a thread ima throw this out there to.

    Furthermore, my Memory application often crashes my iPod, My iPod takes 10 minutes to reboot and has for a long time and things are very freezy, and many of my apps crash at random even if I use another app to disable my Jailbreak extentions, and also the volume booster never worked for my iPod.

    If anyone can help me with any one of these problems it would be highly appreciated.

    Information on my iPod.

    1. I have 2.2.1 software not 3.0
    2. I have a 2nd Gen.
    3. I have Windows.
    4. Icy works barely but it does.
    5. I have downloaded alot of things .
    6. I have heard stuff about this so i'm addign I also THINK I have intelli board, and KNOW I have Rock app.

    Thanks, for taking the time to read all this. I know I sound like a noob and probably have alotta unnecessary info and grammar issues.

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