Cydia + Categories = boom.

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    Re-installed cydia using mobile terminal and some fancy other stuff. Yeah. Problem solved.

    So, I had the files from categories SB thrown in some storage folder on my iPT and moved them to their original positions with iFile (To check out if categoriesSB could beat stacks yet). After doing this, I installed categories. After clicking "install" I turned away, and I saw the Apple Logo, and it took ages to boot. After it did, I made a categories folder to test it. I didn't like it. I went to pull up cydia, and it crashed almost immediately, and sent me back to springboard. Father attempts failed.

    Things I have tried:
    - Killing categories with cydelete, didn't work. Got rid of 1 icon, but my test folder was still there. I iFiled in to apps and killed categories and the folder, but cydia still won't work.
    - Disabeling the mobile substrate addon for categories.
    - Respring, reboot, safe mode.

    I Will Not restore my iPod just cause categories tried to kill it.
    It can't win guys, it can't win ...

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