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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by rhinorunner, May 11, 2010.

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    May 11, 2010
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    The wifi doesn't work on my ipod touch 2g running on 3.1.3 and jailbroken. So I used spirit to jailbreak it, but I can't download and apps. So I got this program called Cyder 2. So I found some .debs put them in my cydia autoinstall directory. Then I unpluged my touch and let it run out of battery since the powerbutton doesn't work. Then one i turned it back on via charger I found out i also had to respring. How should I go about this since I have no apps. Changing the language?
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    I tried changing the language (to respring) and it didn't seem to do anything.

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