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    ok so I have been using customize 2.0 since it was first released as a private beta, I let my brother mess about with the SDK and he stupidly decided to update the ipod to the 240d 2.0 firmware thinking he could activate it within the SDK (yes I know dumb kid lol). anyway I used winpwn again to get apps back but ipod kept freezeing up completely after a couple mins (even after trying the suppose contacts fix) so I surcome to ziphone and all went well, apps have installed.

    anyway I followed the instructions off customize's forums about how to install followed it step by step but customize (latest build) doesn't wanna work, I tried summerboard on a wim to see if that works but that doesn't either. Summerboard is down as active and I made sure on was on both wallpapers as it states but still nothing works.

    anyone got a fix that might work?

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