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    I currently am running 1.1.2 on my ipod touch and have recently updated numerous applications (using the newest version of installer) and have many many applications around 150 (i use them all and they have never given me problems). I occasionally experience a problem though with Videos, Youtube, Mxtube and the other video playing apps. They seem to just go negative sometimes (the color) so what i found out that if i restarted it, the problem would go away... anayways, so i had this problem while trying to watch a video, and so i went into sysinfo and tapped "reboot" . Naturally it rebooted but to my horror all 150 apps were in diffrent location than i told them to be in customize (the ones i hide as well as, became unhidden). i was wondering if there was an way (SSHing into a folder etc...) to retrieve the past arrangement. Or if there was an easier way to do it.... (e.g. using your computer to rearrange instead of flicking through customize)

    I'll appreciate all help and i am very sorry if this has already been brought up, I searched the forums, found similar (customize/categories, hiding all apps etc....) problems but not my own.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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