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    Apr 22, 2008
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    In the i had downloaded the burton_carrier image and then applied it. It was very big and i thought it would resize or something but it didn't and now has messed up most of my ipod. I can bring up the Springboard but when i try to use an app it freezes and doesn't respond and a corner of the burton symbol can be seen in the stausbar. I can exit the app easily by pressing the home button and im back to my main screen. I tryed replacing the burton_carrier by "sshing" and removing the one in the folder and replacing it with the ipod backup but that didn't work.

    Plz help!!! I would much appreciate helpful feedback.

    UPDATE: I found out how to fix it after a long time of messing around with it. I didn't ssh and did it entirely through my ipod. I may create a video and post on youtube how to fix it later or something if you have this same problem P.M. me and i will get back to you. Seeing as i fixed my own problem Moderators feel free to close this thread delete it or whatever must be done.

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