Customize 2.1 And Installer 4.0 Problems

Discussion in 'Customize 2.0 Discussions' started by adam_knows_best, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    Ok, Everytime I try to add something onto my phone from Customize 2.1, It will show I have it downloaded, but it wont let me apply from where I wanted it from the file set. It wont even show it downloading either. Its weird.

    And on Installer 4.0. It wont let me install any apps at all. Some will let me install and they will show up, others will either say unable to decode source or something like that. and more information at some website. and another thing it does is i dowload it, but it doesnt show up on my spring board? ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling.. taking it off from bossprefs and apllying it back on.

    And i downloaded this patch called mobile Installation.. it seemed it made it worse. Now when it starts up it says Insuffienct permissions. And i really cant do nothing at all then. SO PLEASE HELP GUYS. I have alot of problems.

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