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Discussion in 'Customize 2.0 Discussions' started by SkylarEC, Mar 28, 2008.

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    Don't SPAM the forum with Customize 2.0 threads. Nobody wants to hear you beg for invites. Tech support should be handled in the forum SpicyChicken set up for alpha testers. [EDIT: clarification. Tech support should be handled at the Customize 2.0 Alpha forum so that SpicyChicken can actually see what problems people are having; and try to fix those problem.]

    I just went through the first fifteen pages of this forum and deleted 48 threads begging and pleading for Access codes.

    Please don't clutter the forum because you have not received an invite for the Alpha version of Customize 2.0. We here don't want to see countless threads, as it makes browsing the forum cumbersome.

    Plus, you probably don't want the alpha yet anyway. On several devices, Customize 2.0 is causing several the Spinning Wheel of Death on several devices. Imagine losing all the hard work you put into making your iPhone or iPod touch the perfect device for you, but you lose it all becasue you couldn't wait a week or two for a stable version of Customize 2.0 to be released.

    And on a final note, Customize 2.0 isn't even really that good. The only benefit it has over previous versions of Customize is the ability to download themes off of the internet. And you know what, all the themes available for download are ALREADY available for download through Installer.

    At this point, there is NOTHING in Customize that merits cluttering the forum with your whines.

    I will start giving out infractions to anyone continuing to beg for invites. I will also be handing out infractions for posting threads giving out invites.

    Good day,
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