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    Customize 2.0 Highlight Mask-See If Not Working

    Hey guys, I went to go try and put on a custom highlight since I saw a thread down there\/. The directions on there didn't work for my 1.1.4 and Customize 2.0. So heres my guide for doing that.
    1) Download any highlight theme in Customize by going to Theme Browser-File Sets (at the bottom)-Highlight Mask and Downloading any File Set, it doesn't really matter.
    2)Go to WinSCP or any other and direct yourself to /private/var/mobile/library/Customize2/FileSets/[the name of the theme you just downloaded]
    3)Take your own highlight mask that you have made or stolen and put it in that folder Be sure your file name matches one in the ipod file name exatly(ex. My file name:123 and a file in Customize2/FileSets/[the name of the heme you just downloaded]:123 if a box comes up just push yes
    4) (You may or may not have to fully restore here) Go to ipod,and go back to the Customize home page and tap on Customize Images/Sounds-System Images-HighlightMask then select the name of your custom highlight mask. Select apply and you are good to go.

    Questions or comments please reply.
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    I am not messing up with Customize 2.0 because I feel OK with Danimator's one.
    Good job, mate.

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