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    Aug 7, 2009
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    2G iPod touch
    Hello itouchers. I just got some new headphones and am in need of an equalizer really bad. This is the only way I found that works (or doesn't work) (Select all songs>Get info>Select the Eq you want>Set Ipods Eq to Flat). I made an Eq setting called AARRRGGGG!!!!! with every thing maxed at +12db so I will know if it works. I have also tried putting different ones including (Custom) and trying to change only individual songs. After I change the Eq or Volume for any song I can get info for it again and see that the changes are still there. When I sync my Ipod after an Eq in my music it re syncs all my music like it should. I have managed to change the volume for all my songs but I still haven't managed to get any Eq change at all.

    I'm running Firmware 3.0 (Jailbroken) on My 2G Itouch
    More info bout Eq:

    Any Help would be super awesome. Thanks in advance!

    I just restored my iPod and started from scratch. The custom Eq still doesn't work. Do you think I should try it on a different computer?

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