CUE Files not detected/operational in Psx4iphone

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by Ungarmax, May 26, 2009.

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    Yeah as the title suggests, I am just going through some games to see if the work or not. I Checked out the compatibility list that the author himself made and saw that worms armageddon was ran the best out of the games he had tested so far.

    I downloaded it, extracted it and it had 4 files, one of them a .cue file, and when i threw it in the psx folder it wouldnt play. At all.
    I had another game that was a .cue file and it wasnt even detected when i opened up the emulator.

    I have changed the Octals to 755, and i have scph1001 in both the psx4iphone folder and in the psx folder along with the roms.

    I have not got a single game to work so far although blazindragons played through some startup intros and crashed when it tried to load something.

    Im out of ideas lol please help guys.

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    Ive just discovered, and i dont know if this is an isolated problem, that if i have do not have scph1001 in the roms folder, games will not begin to run (so, its critical thats its in there). If i put the file into the roms folder, then blazin dragons runs but then goes mental and basically crashes at the first screen. BUT if i put the scph1001 into both the roms folder AND the applications/psx4iphone folder the games runs further and slightly smoother. Although it still crashes. What the hell is that about? Most of the information ive read says u only need to put it in the latter folder, besides why would it work better with a copy of the same file, just elsewhere.
    Anyone explain?

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