Crystal Voice, Does It Actually work on 1st gen ipod touch? or....

Discussion in 'Customization Requests' started by Mi11z_96, Jun 2, 2009.

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    yeah hey i'm back after quite a long break from IPTFF , and well after hearing and seeing all the fuss about this ultra cool app/modd from cydia CRYSTAL VOICE which i was well impressed with that's the sort of thing your really grateful of jailbreaking for, i've found it and got most of my information after seeing this youtube video

    from a certain author i think some of you just might know already, anyway CRYSTAL VOICE is not working for me on my 1st gen and also the extra British accent version too, the video pointed out YES! the obvious you need your headphones or speakers to actually hear it aha, if yours is a 1st gen, but i'm starting to think maybe it dosen't work and was never meant to on a 1st gen or maybe something happened along the way like i don't know, possibly the creator/s - developer/s thought oh its not really worth bothering to code this for a 1st gen because it dosen't have speaker's e.t.c.

    BUT, if anyone out there knows the answer to my problem please help me out because i'm thinking CRYSTAL VOICE just might need i little tweaking to work or maybe there's a common problem or error that i am unaware of.

    anyway please just give me some Intel , even if it is just an idea it might just work because i think CRYSTAL VOICE is a great concept , and it would be a shame if i missed out on it

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