Crysis after da upgrade?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by imranh101, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Hey guys, for my birthday Im upgrading my PC
    Its not a beast but its a huuuuge upgrade
    After the upgrade it'll be this :
    AMD Phenom II X3
    (Its a triple core running around 2.8 ghz)
    4 GB Ram
    Geforce 8400 GS 512 RAM
    Win 7
    That all you'll really need to know, can I get an opinion what settings it might run nicely on?
    I know the graphics card sucks, I'm gonna upgrade it once I get enough money, which leads to my next question

    I am thinking of putting about $70 to a graphics card, but I'm only buying locally at my microcenter...
    go to and at the top choose the "Kansas City/Overland Park" store under the "Shop your store" thingamijig. That way you'll really be looking right at my store!
    BTW just wanted to tell you how lucky I feel for this deal I got on Sunday

    So I went to microcenter, right
    My dad said that if we found a really good deal on the computer parts I need, we would grab the cheapies
    so the processor is on sale from $175 down to $100!
    I needed a mobo too, though... So I went and checked.
    There was one left of a model I wanted. I read a little sign that says buy a processor, get $20 off a motherboard if you buy both together! So, the processor is $60 and thats $20 off.

    I went to the front of the store and grabbed an ad and looked - and hey! The mobo is already on sale from $60 to $45 so it was $25!

    So we have to ask a guy to get the processor cause its in a glass case... He takes it up to the checkout and the guys scans the processor... $99.99
    He scans the mobo... $0.01...
    WHAT THE?!
    So he has to call his manager and get half the store over there because the price is f***ed up. So the manager says ok just give it to them for the price it should be, if thats okay with you, and feeling nice I said yes

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    So the cashier says okay, $30? And the manager says yes - I look in the ad, its actually $30 off if you buy processor and mobo! not 20!

    So in the end the mobo was $15 and the processor $100, for a total of $115
    Normal prices, Processor $175 and mobo $60, so total $230

    I got the freakin stuff for HALF PRICE!!!! Epic win of the week for me <3

    Thanks for reading that if you did...

    Edit; Here are some of the choices (BTW I prefer Nvidia but if ATI is huuuugley better... I can make some changes

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    The last one is my personal favorite because its the strongest as far as I can tell and is BFG which is a company I like

    Edit because this is same specs but for the memory clock speed, but is $70 upfront but with a $20 mail in rebate... just puttin it out there

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