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  1. Alright, so here's the story:
    In September 2008, my computer dies. Like, dies. It can't turn on, and it has all my music, all my videos, all my photos, all my everything.

    So yeah, I'm stuck with my jailbroken iPod touch on firmware 2.1, just happy I have my music on it. I quickly back-up my music and videos onto my dad's laptop through SSH using some method I saw on this site. Then, my iPod can't be recognized by iTunes anymore on my brother's computer. Because of this, I can't back-up anything on my iPod anymore, especially Photos. Many, many photos. So yeah, then 2.2.1 comes out right after 2.2, and I'm still stuck with 2.1. Angry that many App Store apps work on 2.1 but don't allow you to download, I downloaded the Cydia application FWChanger, and changed my firmware to 2.2.1.

    The problem is that I recently purchased an App Store game named "Bobby Carrot Forever" because I've played it, and I know it's addicting, but I didn't know that it doesn't work on 2.1 at all, because I was still on 2.2.1 with FWChanger.
    So because of this, Bobby Carrot Forever crashes within 2 seconds of launch, and I really want to play this game. Like, I really want to play this game.

    Any advice? Should I just live without playing it until my iPod finally dies and I have to restore it? Or should I just restore with all my photos gone forever?
    I also downloaded the application Multi-Photo E-mail, so if I really was desperate, I could always e-mail all 600 of my photos to myself.

    I've tried everything, really. I tried restarting my iPod, I've tried launching the game while in Safe Mode, I've tried setting the game's permissions to 777 (although I know that was pretty stupid, but I was desperate), and I tried deleting and redownloading. What should I do?
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    I'd try to make my ipod get recognized by itunes if i were you.
  3. I can't. I get some error code everytime I connect it.
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    What I think you should do is not obsess over a game, as it will feel better to play it after waiting for so long. I would try to send all of your photos to yourself, that way you know you have it. Atleast you have your stuff backed up, don't restore anything. Will you be getting another computer? Enjoy your iPod while you can, just use the game, as long as you have your music, videos and photos then your good to go. Take it to apple. Have fun.

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