couple of post pwnage questions

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    okie dokie I hope people can answer these

    firstly the springboard.strings file, I was having a mess about with it to change words on the iPod like I had done previously on 1.1.4 and below, however it seems as though they have changed the strings file for 2.0, I guess firstly is there a way yo decrypt the file properly to view in notepad or wordpad on my pc? also I have tried changing the wording for things but when I change them I get (for example) SYNCING_IN_PROGRESS as apose to the usual on screen tidyness.

    secondly iphonebrowser: this doesn't show the full contents of my ipod as you would see via SSH, is there a fix for this?

    is there a way to set permissons on folders/files via usb whe nI dont have wifi? i.e. in work?

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