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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by evilp8ntballer7, Nov 28, 2007.

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    I tried to change my keypad and i got it to work at one point then i tried a new one and it was corrupted, so after searching and nothing i just went through the whole process of downgrading to .1 then Jailbreaking it, doing oktoprep and upgrading to .2 and Jbing it again, but i have so many apps its very annoying and takes a long time so i thoguht i would try the keypad mod again and with the touch stock i never that keypadqwerty artwork file so im not sure why all these mods have us put one in there but i did and i backed up the keypadlatin and keypad common but i cant get any keypad now? I'd like to figure this out so I dont have to downgrade to .1 jailbreak it then do the upgrade to .2 and then jailbreak again!! and winscp sometimes stops sending the backups at around 89% so ive tried filezilla and its much better but after i reboot i see the fie backups are 0 and i dont get it, at this point i just want any keypad to work?

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