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    On my settings for Itunes, I put a check on "manually manage my music and videos". I have a video in mp4 format in my library under the tab "Movies".
    All I want to do, is copy that movie, and paste it into the "Movies" tab under my Ipod Touch. Can I do that? Cause It doesn't seem to let me. And if I really can't do that, is the only way to get that video in there by syncing it?

    Cause I just did that and made sure the only thing checked under "sync ____" was movies. I had no check marks on "sync applications" "sync music" ect...

    And now all the music in my Ipod touch is gone, my applications I bought on the Ipod now appear in my library but won't work on my Itouch, and the movie "couldn't be copied onto my ipod" since it "cannot be played on this ipod"

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