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    Hi all,

    If you're like me and want everything to look pristine, chances are you've modified/created missing icons in a particular summerboard theme to have that unified look. I tend to copy the original app icon, and modify it to match the theme. So I've wrote a little script to copy all default icons (especially handy when you tend to add many programs, and you don't wanna track those icons individually). To use this script, sftp into your iPod Touch (using winscp for example), copy the script into the /Applications directory, and give it executable permissions (set the permission to 755 or something). Then, ssh into your iPod, and do the following

    cd /Applications

    If all goes well, you should have a new directory Z_TEMP, which will contains icons found for installed applications. Use sftp to copy that directory back to your local machine, and modify the icons as you see fit.

    Please note that I have only tested this on 1.1.3, but it should work on other versions as well (fingers crossed). Oh, needless to say you need BSD subsystem installed on your Touch, but if you have ssh access, chances are you already have that covered

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    The script is pretty straight forward, inspect it for more info.

    Hope this helps...

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