Copy iBook G3 HDD.

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    I recently just purchased my first real Mac (currently running Snow Leopard on an Intel Core 2 Duo machine), an iBook G3, white "macbook" style version. The owner left all of his programs on the computer. He included the original Tiger install discs/boxes, but not the iLife disc, which was loaded on the computer. I know this is possible on "real" Macs, but what would you suggest cloning an iBook G3's HDD that doesn't have USB 2.0 to a fake hackintosh laptop? Network transfer? The only reason why I want to do this is to try out older Mac OS X versions to see which one runs best on it, but still keeping the old HDD intact. Details of laptop specs and iBook G3 specs are included below.


    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.21 Ghz
    16'' TruBrite HD Screen
    4GB DDR2
    128 MB of Video Ram
    Retail Snow Leo Upgrade
    500GB HDD
    iBook G3:

    900 (I think) mhz G3 processor
    Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3
    Airport Card
    USB 1.1 (yes i know... no ipod touch

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    15GB HDD
    12'' LCD Screen
    384 mb of RAM
    + all boxes, cords, perfect condition for $90

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