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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by bostonfreak111, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Apr 8, 2008
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    Ok so i havent had my ipod jailbroken since 1.1.1 firmware, when 1.1.2 came out i put it back to normal. even then i didnt know many cool things. does anyone have some cool suggestions of apps or themes? i need the source if you suggest something please. thanks!
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    Oct 28, 2007
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    well of course I'm going to suggest my theme: its called cia lockdown, look in my sig for download or add the repo ""

    as for apps, get iphysics, all of the emulators (theres nes, snes, gba, sega genesis, psx available, as well as some other cool emulators that I cant remember)

    definitely install community sources from installer, it will really help you find more cool stuff.

    quasi lojack if youre afraid of your ipod getting stolen

    pockettouch (iptf repo)

    finder is a must

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    apache or lighttpd for storing/viewing files (also check out my app for those, which automatically opens safari to your system's main page for files in those servers, its buried somewhere in the forums)

    term-vt100 is good for errors and tweaks


    time capsule is a great backup application - backs up notes, installer, a ton of other things

    I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. just look around the forums, go back a few pages and you can find a ton of great stuff.
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    iPod touch
    There are some really neat applications out there... Here's my current list of apps:

    - Books - gotta have a few to read wherever I go - I've got about 20 books to take with me using this offline TXT/HTML reader -
    - VNsea - able to remotely control all 3 of my PCs -
    - MobileScrobbler - try it, it's great - tracks your music, gives you suggestions, lyrics, bios, etc., lets you stream from -
    - Touchpad - Lets me control my mouse on any computer I can VNC into. Great for controlling presentations wirelessly -
    - MobileCast - Now I can download Coverville when I want right to my iPod Touch without cluttering iTunes -
    - PocketTouch - Control your music in your pocket WITHOUT looking (just using gestures) -
    - TTR - Everyone's seen it - I'll let you find a video on YouTube...
    - Capture - Screenshots. Quick & easy to use.
    - MxTube - YouTube videos downloaded directly from YouTube to your iPod Touch -
    - Sketches - Gotta be creative -
    - iPhysics -

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    Great engine for games, try iPinball with it -
    - iZoo - Think Bejeweled but with themes -
    - iSolitaire - Just like in XP -
    - Tris - Tetris on the iPod Touch. Done right -
    - FiveDice - Yahtzee!
    - Pool - 8 ball, corner pocket -
    - Mahjong - Solitaire version of the classic game -
    - NOIZ2SA - VERY cool scrolling shooter port -
    - Pianist - Very cool piano emulator/simulator -
    - Drummer - From the same guy (MooCow) who made Pianist, a great drum application with different sets of instruments -
    - Guitarist - You guessed it - another music emulator from MooCow -
    - WeDict - StarDictionary viewer. Got it loaded with Britannica, CIA WorldFact Book, Merriam Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus.
    - NES & SNES emulators - Going old school with my games...
    - HP-15c calculator - Gotta be able to crunch numbers
    - PDFviewer - Nice to be able to upload PDFs for review on the go
    - Finder - Lets you make changes to the OS on the go without SFTP/SSH
    - SysInfo - Always handy to be able to kill a process
    - Stumbler - Handy to see what other wireless hotspots are around when you're out and about

    As for sources, just check the forums here...

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