Controlling Volume of Bluetooth Headset via iPhone

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    I purchased the Jabra Halo headset to use with iPhone and i have a problem, i can control volume of headset via the headset but the minimum volume is extremely loud and i am forced to use the cable to listen to music which defeats the whole idea of buying bluetooth headsets.

    Now, I have no control over volume via iPhone with this headset unless i use which cable, so, is there any app store apps that allow me to control the volume of the headset?
    I have tried several apps such as Pockettouch, Volumatic, Volume wheel, flick tunes etc etc but none allow me to change volume of headset.

    If there is no app for this in app store, is there any Jail broken apps that allow me to do this?

    I really want to use as a wireless headset as i payed £100 for these and i don't want to use cable as I need the wireless, I can adjust volume of headset via mac and stuff, so why not iPhone?

    Any help is much appreciated, or if you know any workarounds tell me

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    Hey, maybe ill go lose my hearing and be able to sue someone due to bad volume control :O.
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    Also, the app 'Fsream' allows me to control volume via the app using the bluetooth headset so i guess it can be done, shame i cant change music volume

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