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    OK, I think this may or may not be a unique problem - it may just be sym links, I'm not sure, but here goes:

    The problem started off as this - I have a jailbroken iPod and was running the most recent version of Customize 2.0RC or something. My content was pretty complete - I had my videos, pictures, audio, MXTube videos, YouTube videos, etc all with my other apps I downloaded. It was looking pretty good. Well, I tried to install a theme using Customize I downloaded from theme browser, I had to disable my Summerboard theme I was currently using - hence, my iPod turning into a brick when turning it back on from reboot.

    I kept trying to hold down the power button, I did this several times - I only did that and not using the home button, I was bound and determined not to have to recover my iPod for like the upteenth time due to some glitch. Well, suddenly my iPod came back to life on it's own - only there's some problems.

    Now my video, audio, pictures and so forth are not showing up - some of my apps are still there but not linking to the proper directories. I checked iTunes and my content still shows up under the amount of space being used and in WinSCP - I can tell everything is there - how do I get it to find itself again and get things rolling once more? Do I have to restore it? Please say no, but any help is appreciated

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