Contacts need AddressBook.sqlitedb file

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Xaeias, Aug 1, 2010.

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    Ok, well i pulled a nub move.
    My contact was not adding contacts, so i figured, if i deleted my AddressBook.sqlitedb file on reboot the ipod would make a fresh one, and it doesn't. I didn't bother backing it up because i use an app for that. Well anyways, i cant open my and i also cant import my contacts, I'm guessing because the AddressBook.sqlitedb file isn't there. Well i looked around, and it seems i just needed to change permissions. Well problem is now, i don't have a copy of the AddressBook.sqlitedb file, so if someone can upload me that file, that would be great, also it doesn't matter if its a clean contact file or has contacts in them, i just need the file, oh and yes, i scanned the net for the file, but couldn't find it.
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    Need this file -_-
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    Nevermind, i have found out if you delete the AdressBook folder. The ipod touch will create fresh folders. Atleast it did for me, 3.1.3, Spirit Jailbreak.

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