Constant glitching music no matter what? :(

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by xLauren, Oct 23, 2010.

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    I've used these forums to fix my iPod problems before (Google always brought me here

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    ) so I figured I'd finally join and also because I CANNOT find a solution for this problem. -.- I've searched around these forums and I can't find a problem exactly like this nor a solution that will work for me, I apologize if there is a similar one. :/

    I THINK this problem started when I upgraded to 4.0, or it might have been 4.1, I'm not sure. But my 2nd gen 32gb iTouch glitched on every single song that was on it. There will be a few seconds of silence, it will take another section of the song and put it in another place, or the song just won't play at all. I tried everything, uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes completely, redownloading all of my music, deleting it all from iTunes twice and redoing since the problem persisted, rebooted the computer/iPod, restored the iPod, checked to see if it'd work unjailbroken, everything I could think of. On the super glitchy songs the album artwork gets very messed up as well, it'll be like half an inch horizontally of another album artwork and it's like pasted on the current album artwork or it'll be divided up into four squares and they'll be jumbled up.

    I tried different earbuds, different USB cable, different USB ports, and nothing. The songs play perfectly on iTunes. I came to the conclusion it was my iPod because they would glitch even with the external speaker... The main reason why I have an iTouch is for music, so this was EXTREMELY frustrating to me. I ended up selling it on Ebay (it sold for $100 because I said the iPod had glitchy music >.>) and getting a 3rd gen 32gb. Well saying I was pissed when it came in would be an understatement since the problem didn't go away. =/ It's sooo frustrating.

    While I hated to do this, I checked the box to convert it to 128 kbs. Took a while of course, and then I tried listening to my music. It STILL glitched. Not as bad, but it definitely didn't fix the problem, and I hate the way 128 kbs sounds anyway so with the new iPod I tried everything before I jailbroke it and of course it's still doing the same thing being jailbroken.

    Could it be my computer? I don't know what's going on. ANY help would be extremely appreciated, thank you so much.
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    Well you could try syncing it with someone else's computer to see if it's the computer that is messing up

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