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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by gdadash, Dec 26, 2008.

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    Hi, When my laptop was on its last legs a few months ago I used consolidate library to back up my music to my external hd, I then reinstalled windows and continued using itunes with seemingly no problems, a few weeks ago I noticed my hard drive was getting rather full so had a look at what was on there and I found that when I had dragged a folder of mp3s to itunes or 'my music' folder itunes was copying it to the 'itunes music' folder as well, so I now have 2 copies of almost every track I have downloaded in the last 8 months or so, what I want to know is 1. How do I stop this? 2. Can I delete one version or the other of the track without upsetting Itunes and spending hours on end re linking the files?
    Any help would be great but if this has been asked before please just point me in the right direction as i have searched for ideas but am still a little stuck.
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    Very easy to fix. Well If I was at home there is a feature in iTunes options that says (copy to iTunes library) and that one you should uncheck it so it doesn't copy every song you play or sync.

    Now for your songs that are doubles just delete the doubles doesn't matter which ones on iTunes.

    Just click show duplicates and your good.

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