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    HI I have just recieved a 2G iPhone which is sim free. It is running Cydia and I don't know what they have used to unlock the sim. However the problem is this. When i connect to the PC the iPhone opens up in iTunes, Syncs Starts to install some of the Apps which I have ticked in itunes. This process continues for up to a minute the pronptly disconnects itself and the reconnects. This whole thing carries on over and over. Does anyone know why and what I can do about it.
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    Well here's the reply and answer to my own question. Found this with a bit of help from Google. My problem was related to the low powered USB port on the front of my PC.

    Heres the solution

    Solution to iPhone Disconnects Automatically on Sync Problem
    Jan.04, 2009 in Cool Tips and Tricks, Fixes of problems, iPhone

    I got an iPhone for myself some days back and I started facing problems linked to it. There were many of those but what I would like to share here with you is that there were times when I was syncing my iPhone with iTunes to transfer some songs, applications etc but it just disconnected from iTunes automatically after some time preventing my transfer.

    The same problem was also faced by my friend whose iPhone disconnected automatically after it synced some applications. Well if you are also facing the same problem then try this solution and surely it will solve your problem.

    There are two things to perform if you are also troubled by iPhone disconnecting automatically from iTunes during sync problem.

    1. If you have connected your iPhone or iPod to the front USB ports of the computer then do remove it from there and connect it at the rear ports of the PC which are High Speed ports. Not all front ports are high speed and thus could limit iPhone’s transfer capability.

    2. Just switch of your iPhone/iPod and restart it again. This is an important step that will solve the problem.

    Now when you will connect to the iTunes this time, your phone will not disconnect automatically and will sync without any problems.

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