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    3G iPod touch
    Some days ago I bought such an universal dock by Apple. It now is connected via cabel to my PC and via line out to my Hi-Fi System.
    But I hate, alsways to unplug the cabel at the PC, get it out of the back and then plug in the power outlet. So I had the idea to plug the data cabel first into an USB Hub which has got a seperate power cable plus the USB cabel to the PC. SO I thought, if the PC is turned on I am able to transfer data and if turned out I can let the iPod in the dock and it will recharge. I now, that there is energy at the USB connectors at the hubs because a hard drive wich is also connected is still running when the PC is turned off.
    But what do I see: the iPod doesn't do anything. Nothing with recharging or anything. But if connected to the PC it is recognized and also recharged and data transfered.
    So I searched a little bit and found, that Apple configures their devices in a way that they can differentiate if they are needed to transfer data or ar just recharged. The "power outlet to USB" adapter I have to just recharge it seems to imitate that in any kind, so the iPod knows that he can accpet the energy he is given. But an USB Hub of course doesn't do that, he isn't built for that.
    So my question to you is, if there is any other possibility to connect the device to both, the power outlet + the PC. So that I can just stick in the iPod and listen to music but don't have to worry about running out of energy AND also am able to transfer data from my PC without having always to change cables.
    Thank you!

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