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    I tried to set up my hp laptop to dual boot vista and leopard using iatkos v7. There was an error during the install process and now when I try to boot my computer I just get a black screen that says [square smiley]H4o.

    I was able to get into regular booting of windows by using a discopy cd I had. However, I get an anerror dealing with winload.exe and a status of 0xe000000e.

    I cannot seem to fix this. GRUB won't even start and nothing else works. I was thinking if I could download a fresh copy of that file onto my desktop I could then somehow replace the corrupted file with the good one.

    But I'm not sure. I don't mind restoring, as I can backup my importantfiles with diskcopy and restore them later. However, I can't even use a restore cd for some reason.

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