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    OK, I am really stuck here and can't seem to find any help on this topic surprisingly enough, ANYWHERE on the web. Basically here's what I want to do:

    Hook up basic, cheap computer speakers to my TV to place behind me for an okay and extremely cheap surround sound while still producing sound out of the TV speakers as well.

    Now here's my details:

    In my room, I have an old CRT TV, nothing fancy at all. It has a 3.5 mm headphone port (which I already know I cant just plug into because it overrides the TV speakers), only one set of A/V plugs (i.e. one yellow, one white) and a Coaxial input. Now here's what I found that I believe would work: nifty cable adapter but I have two questions that make it a bit tricky and I can't seem to find an answer to.

    1) If I plug this into my TV and then plug the computer speakers into the 3.5 mm port, will the sound continue to come out of the TV speakers, AS WELL AS the computer speakers?

    and here's the tricky one:

    2) I currently have my PS3 plugged into the only A/V port on my TV, therefore if I plugged this adapter in I would no longer be able to have my PS3 plugged in (which defeats the purpose because it's really the main reason I want to do this). So, is there anyway I can plug this into the A/V port AND plug my PS3 in too? Maybe like an adapter that comes out of the TV and creates more than one A/V port (like a splitter?) And if so could anyone point me to where it could be purchased?

    So basically the biggest question here is will it come out of the TV and computer speakers at the same time?

    Thanks, iPoTH4CK3R.

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