Computer doesn't recognize and DFU won't work

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Ozito, Aug 2, 2009.

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    I received an ipod touch 1gen that went dead from one day to another.
    When trying to restart or put the ipod in DFU mode, i get this odd stripes in the display and what i guess is supposed to be the apple logo is just a white shadow (not shaped as an apple).

    Here's a picture of the stripes with the shadow.
    I increased the levels in photoshop so you could see the stripes better.

    The computer doesn't recognize it at all! No beep no nothing!

    Something that i think is worth mentioning is that the lights won't light up at any moment.

    I have tried to google for answers but i didn't find anything that helped.

    I thought that maybe the battery is dead, so i have ordered a new one, it should be arriving in between 8-14 days.

    I tested the battery with and multimeter, at the cables i get nothing but at the metal pads going into the battery i get a reading of 2.7 Volt, don't know if this info would help.

    Hope someone can help me!

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