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Discussion in 'iOS Development' started by Ownaholic, Jan 6, 2010.

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    Hey everybody,

    I recent just delved into the world of iPod Touch/iPhone apps and have seen how versatile they can be.
    Long story short, I run a T-Shirt designing company. (I will not give the link unless asked).

    It's just something I do on the side, rakes in a decent amount every month, but I've been looking for various ways to advertise my company further, and I recently came up with some cool App ideas that may help.

    These are VERY VERY VERY VERY simple application ideas, but to be completely honest, I don't even know where to begin.

    I've touched upon coding in the past, even took a course last college semester on Python (which is essentially useless), and I'm very familiar with web designing and making websites; I do not know if that has any relevance or not.

    My ideas are somewhat lame, but I figured they would be entertaining and match my audience's tastes, such as:
    "Lolcat of the day"
    "Cool item of the day" (obviously I'd come up with a better title, but that's the general theme)

    In other words, I just want to build an App that only has one page to it, that I can give a nice pretty template to, but manipulate the picture and comments on it on a daily basis.

    The reason for this idea, is that I figure if I can get an audience to constantly return to something simplistic like a Lolcat of the day picture or something along those lines, that they would be more inclined to go to my website. (Since it will be listed as the developer's website, as well as be on the bottom right corner of the application while running)

    I DO NOT want to simply make another website for this, because that does not really hold much of a purpose, and it seems that it would appeal more to my audience if they could conveniently have the program on their iphones/ipod touches.

    The idea behind it is very basic, just one simple page, no flash, no games, no anything. Just a couple of images, maybe a template, some text, and some way to manipulate it daily without having to make constant updates.

    How would I go about doing something like this?
    (Also, I do NOT have a Mac unfortunately.)

    Thanks a million for any advice you can give me!
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    You'll still have to overcome several obstacles if you want to realize simple iPhone app concept.

    • For serious iPhone developent, you need a mac. There is a toolchain available for Windows & Linux, but the official iPhone SDK "makes simple things so much more simple" and is the only option if you want to deploy your app to the App Store.
    • Lolcat of the Day? Wouldn't you need permission from Cheezburger?
    • You need to learn a little bit of C (and probably PHP if you want to communicate with your server) and a lot of Objective-C/Cocoa Touch. Try to avoid (pre-)pubescant kids' developer tutorials on YouTube, because IMO the vast majority of them are poorly made and contain memory leaks (AppStoreMod/XcodeMod/most usernames that contain iphone*; sdk*; ipodtouch[help]). I recommend looking at quality resources like, or iPhone developer books on Amazon (like the iPhone Developer Cookbook, the one from Jeff LaMarche [], etc.)
    • Try not to make a tab-bar UIWebView app (an app that is basically Safari locked to a specific URL), because 95% of these look stupid and poorly coded. I'd try to go for something more eye-candyish.

    Sorry for overthrowing you with all this information

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    , but making a quality iPhone app requires some work. If you want me to, I could theoretically help you out some more.

    Hope I helped!
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    python can be used to develop apps but it requires a jailbroken device and 'hellopython' app is needed.

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