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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by SugarBob62, Apr 14, 2009.

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    I am just now starting to import music from my CDs onto iTunes.

    The store bought ones are going fine...Listed under albums and artists correctly. However, mixed CDs that I myself have made are ending up in the "Compilations" artists. And I will probably eventually have more random songs from all kinds of different artists once I'm done importing.

    How do I get all the songs from the same artist to be in their own little "artist" folder or playlist or whatever it is. So then once its on my iPod I can just look up that artists name or what not. Do I have to create my own playlist somehow and move them around...can you even do that? I'm lost...

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    I'm soooo confused...
    Under the Library Section, when I click on Music....

    I see there's tabs, Albums/Artists/Genres/Composers.
    The albums are ok, the genres are ok. But half of my stuff is in the
    Artists:Compilation...folder? Or whatever it is.
    Because I have been just picking random songs off random CDs, and I guess they are ending up in there.
    How do I get them out?
    Like how will it show up on the ipod itself?

    Do I have to make a playlist for them or what? I just want them to be grouped by their artist, because I have some songs by the same people and what not. I don't know if I'm explaining myself well enough haha. I have no idea how music on ipods work, nor itunes it self.
    Any suggestions or tips would be great!

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