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    What is the iPod Touch?
    The iPod touch is a revolutionary MP3 player. To my knowledge it is the first MP3 player with internet capability. It is the first that you can have such a range of applications on. And all of it you control by touching the screen.

    How much does the iPod touch cost?

    There are three models of the iPod touch 8gb, 16gb and 32gb. The 8gb sells for $300 ,the 16gb for $400, and the 32gb for $500. All of these models usually can be found used for about $100 less. However right now is not the best time to purchase iPod Touches because it is rumored that they ar e coming out with a new model or a price drop soon.

    What is Jailbreak?

    Jailbreaking is when the iPod is opened for 3rd parties applications. People are genorous enough to spend time developing apps so you can download once you jailbreak.

    How do I jailbreak?

    Rengadekrogan wrote a great guide on jailbreaking firmwares 1.1.1 to 1.1.5 click here. For jailbreaking the latest 2.0 software click here

    Help my iPod is bricked!?!?!

    First, no is isn't. Second click here.

    What is the appstore?

    The appstore is much like jailbreak but is apple supported. Some apps will cost you money and the apps in the appstore have limitations to what they can and can't do.​

    Sorry guys I was planing on spending more time on this but I figured out how busy my day is... I will be updating this later, any suggestions would be helpful.

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