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    Ok so i was watching TV tonight and saw something a bit off.

    It was the Crash Bandicoot commercial for the 3G. And in the carrier strength/network area it looked a bit off.

    My 2.0 3G shows the 3G network icon as a whit outline of the black letters "3G" and when in apps it shows the same but with a blue square outline and white/gray "3G".

    But the one on the commercial it shows the opposite pattern. It shows the "3G" in color without a background.

    Is this something they did in 2.1, are the iPhones on the commercials running 2.2 or is it a custom image they made just for the commercial.
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    Oct 28, 2007
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    it may just be a mess up - all of their commercials have fake, well...everything (models of hands on hinges used for smoother animation and better stability, edited screens, etc) so maybe when they put in the screen images they used the wrong 3g symbols...?

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