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    The W1ND0Z3 iPhone SDK was originally to be released by jchaike and the rest of his team/teammates. They couldn't finish it because they were very busy with other projects, so they are releasing it open-source. I kinda hoped for me to privately get it, but I'm fine with this.

    The program was originally meant to be for 1.1.4, but I plan on porting it to 2.0.x.

    Interface- Build the look of your app right out of the box.
    Library - Load up your own images, a default and more - then build your apps look, right onto the interface.
    Navigation Bar - The Navigation Bar does everything for you. Click the Install button to have your app installed right onto your iPhone/iPod touch to test out your application.
    iCoder - Code your apps, right in here. Simple as that.
    iCoder Generator- Don't know very much coding knowledge? Choose what you want, and it will generate a code for you to stick into iCoder.
    Updater - Will check online everyday for an update.
    More to come.

    This is really all I can say though. I'll add more later, I have homework.

    Note - Don't expect this to come in 2 weeks. I have school and an actual life.

    Credit to jchaike and all of his teammates that worked on this project so far with him.

    Work will start the second the source code is released.

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