CMT_theme v1.1 with combined sources

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    OK theme download:
    SSH it into themes (/private/var/stash/Themes.PVQZ2Y) or whatever
    -In cydia go to search and look for alienware battery 2 ;install
    -In cydia search for windows 7 soundpack ;install
    -In cydia search Myfox (optional)
    -In cydia search for blackberry storm click ;install
    -In cydia search antique brass keyboard ;install
    -In cydia search for Fontswap and download and install it, the fonts that i have (lockclock-gas, notes-calibri, system-neotech)
    -In cydia on the main page go to featured packages>scroll down to catagories and download and install then orgainse the folders like i did in the 3rd screenshot9(e.g play, manage, install etc...). (Put catagories in the manage folder when you make it.) Also remember to press the little i in the bottom right hand corner of the folder that you created and change the icons theme to CMT_theme_v1.1.
    *for lock screen download got to Cydia search Bureau HD walls and download and change to the green one in settings>general>wallpapers.
    *if you want white font you can download fontcolors off cydia for use with winterboard. Thats all folks'.

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