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    Hey guys, new to the forum.

    I just discovered Jailbreaking my iPod a few hours ago and have been having fun with all the useful information and links on this website, while searching through I kept seeing a lot of Cydia problems and of course I thought nothing of it as mine was working fine, then all of a sudden after installing an app my Cydia crashed

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    Looking over all those threads that offered help I couldn't find a solution, deleting the files from /var/lib/apt/periodic didn't work, and neither did the OpenSSH to delete the 0000 files from /var/lib/dpkg (mainly because I have a Wireless network my iPod connects through for the other people in my house and a direct Cable connection to my computer, as I couldn't get to the Wireless network the solution didn't help)

    Anyway I managed to find a program that clears all the Cydia cache information without reinstalling your Cydia or any other tedious steps.

    Link is here

    Haven't checked if this has been posted before simply because while searching for solutions I couldn't find anything related so it's either not posted or pushed to other pages. My apologies if it has

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    Anyway guys hope it helped, looking forward to being a member

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