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    Frist a bit of history:

    I was wondering how the Newton was, and i tried to mimic it to the iPhone...

    But now i tried some things... it seems that it is better make a Newtonish/MacOSClassicish theme...

    I'll show what i've done so far (except that test icons drawed in a rush (also, i'm not good at it))


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    And Status Bar

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    Also, remember, the shade of gray comes from the 16 gray screen of the newton...

    I'm actally refroming the icons into ones more MacOS frienly, but i could show that mess

    Note that i i prefer the 6x series because of the only B&W Interface

    I edit to say i searched correctly, and it seems nobody(except one for a 9x theme) likes the idea... i'm wrong?


    Anyone has a full classic icon list? it seems that google has only desktop screenshots

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