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    First,hook all your cables and wires up correctly to your router****Make sure
    the computer your using with the router software programs is hooked up to the router itself*****

    When asked to rename the router password,enter 9 or more numbers or letters.

    When asked to rename ssid give it a cool name that all will see who try to get into your network but can't.

    Given 3 options of security high,medium or none.Choose high(recommended).
    There will be a network security key code generated that you can use or you can change by clicking on the code box and entering your own code of 9 or more characters.Ipod touch want recognize passwords under 9 characters long.

    Turn on Ipod,go to settings>wi fi>(whatever your network name is will show
    up in available networks).Click on your network name after it pops up.
    Ipod will ask for a password.Enter your 9 or more character SECURITY KEY not the router password.If you enter the router password you wont be able to join the network.So change your security key to something you like or use the one they generate for you and you should be connected.THis process should work on generally all routers.

    Let me know what you think.Bye the way don't jailbreak your 2gs.Uncle Sam is getting a lil pissed,so is Apple.Don't fry your investment.

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