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    Installing Chinese Characters???

    addition to below:... ok i found this online (

    anyone know how to install this? i can't read it but something about using apptap... how do i get this as an option on apptap?


    anyone know how to input chinese characters on the touch? is it even possible??

    also... anyone know how to make chinese characters display correctly... are there any font packs we can install for the touch?

    what i'm trying to do is go to a translation site like bable fish in altavista (or google translations) and then translate english text to chinese and vice versa. the problem is, the chinese characters aren't displayed when i convert from english-chinese(simplified) and i can't input chinese to translate from chinese-english... any help?... other sites like work (english-chinese only) but i can't enter whole sentences to translate -- just single words.

    changing the language settings to chinese doesn't help... i'm surprised it's not available in the keyboard input options... the touch is pretty useless to me without this and may have to return it

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