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    Hey there!

    I'm just trying to shed some publicity on our band here, and why not share it with the people I can relate with most? (People who love iPods)

    Our Band:

    Name- Black Sand
    Genre- Rock, Metal, Classic Rock
    Location- San Jose, California


    Reece Fiebich- Guitar
    Trey Fiebich- Bass/Keys/BG Vocals
    Travis Osterback- Lead Vocals
    Mitchell Cairns (me)- Drums
    Mitchell Cairns (me)- Drums

    I designed the website, please go check it out!

    On our site, you can view our upcoming shows/events, any news regarding the band, the band forums, and listen to our music!

    Please take a look and a listen, and let me know what you think!

    On another note: Please note that while I am the drummer for the band, in the recordings present on the website, I am not the person drumming. (they kicked out that drummer and I was the replacement!)

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