Changing Version Number!

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    Fool your friends!

    To change version number follow these steps:

    1. Jailbreak your iPod Touch

    2. Go to installer and install MobileFinder and MobileTextEdit

    3. In MobileFinder, go to setting and make sure hidden files and system access are enabled.

    4. Now keep hitting up until you find yourself at "/"

    5. Navigate yourself to "/System/Library/CoreServices/"

    6. Double tap on SystemVersion.plist

    7. At the bottom you will find the text "1.1.3" or whatever version you are on. Tap near it and hold (opening the magnifying glass) move it to the right of the "3"

    8. Now delete the version number and make it whatever you wish! I am currently on version 1.2.0 hehe

    Note: This may make installation of applications impossible so don't forget how to change you Version or you may end up screwing up installer!

    This has probably been done as well to fool people into thinking they have the next version, and when seeing the version # in the About section being totally off, don't fret.

    Also, the Version number changes in iTunes once you reboot!!
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    hide installer and say SDK was released to beta testers

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