Changing the permissions INCREDIBLY simple for all you mac users

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    Instead of going through terminal, typing in code, making one tiny error, retyping only to have it not work there is a MUCH simpler way that takes about 3 downloads nothing...
    Step 1: go into Cyberduck

    Step 2: Navigate to Applications folder(the Ipod touch folder)

    Step 3: scroll down to whatever folder you wish to change permissions

    Step 4: right click the folder and select Info

    Step 5: at the bottom of the new pop-up window will be several check boxes... Right above this set of boxes is a line: "Permissions| (then a set of rwrwrw-x or sumthing like that) (then a number eg. 755)"

    Step 6: Now just play with the check boxes (checking/unchecking) until you get your desired number.

    For example:

    If you had every single box check except "Others-Write" it would be permission 775! See?

    It would give me: "Permissions | rwxrwxr-x (775)
    This means that the PERMISSIONS have now changed to 775 (duh).
    You can play around and make it whatever other guides say you need.
    This is practically just like the windows 'Properties' tool and takes just a little bit longer to use.


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