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    I've looked around and haven't found a solution to my problems.

    What I want to change is the blue color that comes up when I press on a confirm button.
    Looking at the image below, when I press "Envoyer par courrier" it becomes blue. I know the image is located in the folder "UIImages" but I don't know how it's named.

    Also in the Mail app I want to change the blue bubble that appears behind the name of a contact(in the picture the contact name is "Example").

    Thanks for all the help

    EDIT: i figured out the blue button, its indeed in "UIImages" and there are actually two of these images, "UIAlertSheetBlackButtonPressed.png" and "UIAlertSheetDefaultButtonPressed.png",both have dimensions 27x46 (The 2 images are basically the exact same thing but with a different name)

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