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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Clur, Dec 29, 2007.

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    I have an ipod touch (my first ipod so apologies if this is a silly question) and I had initial trouble as all my greatest hits albums were not recognised in album view. In the end I changed the names of the albums and that is now working fine (though no album has the title greatest hits but I can live with that). However the artwork is all wrong - my Black sabbath album has the Mud greatest hits artwork and Mud greatest hits has ZZ top artwork need I go on? I also have some incorrect random artwork that i tunes attached to some of my albums. I have imported artwork to those albums with no images and have right clicked>get info>album artwork and imported new images to the wrong ones but it won't change on the ipod touch - the new artwork is displayed on my computer. How can I delete the artwork on the ipod touch and change it for something more fitting as it is just not right looking at Mud whilst playing black sabbath and I do not want to delete all the albums and start again. Many thanks for reading this and apologies for my retro taste in music I should have peaked in the 1970's.

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