Cell Phones - Are they really helpful in emergencies?

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    I recently ran across a few articles, explaining where cell phones leave off when it comes to emergency situations- ones that may even mean life or death.

    911 calles are handles differently when using a land line phone. When you call 911 using a land line phone the dispatcher is automatically aware of your current location and they even have a certain amount of control over your phone.

    Unfortunately, when you make a call using your cell phone or a VoIP service it doesn't exactly happen the same way. When using your cell phone, the call is often routed through a non-emergency switch, which cripples the dispatcher's ability to pinpoint your exact location.

    They do have a system called Enhanced 911 or E911. Which utilizes and built-in GPS inside your mobile phone, but this system only works if the dispatcher has the technology to use the information given to them by this system. So it tends not to solve the whole problem.

    - MSNBC

    In 2009, this act of negligence to actively improve this system for emergency calls using you cell phone has led to the death of some unfortunate people. And example of this would be Donnie and Sharon Leutjen.

    - MSNBC

    I think this is something that should be actively worked upon and improved until it is as close to failsafe as possible. So we can prevent cases like Donnie and Sharon Leutjen's from happening to anyone else.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Do you think it is something that should be put on top priority for the FCC, cell phone providers, and emergency service dispatchers to improve this system, or do you think otherwise?

    Please comment and tell us what your opinion on this situation is!

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