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    Can you please help me. plucked up the courage to try categories.

    is the following correct:

    To customise/have my own icons:
    simply ssh into cateories/icons and put whatever icons you want to inside here ... correct?

    to update OFFICIAL PAID FOR apps:
    for example, i bought a card game: cards 1.0

    i put it into category: GAMES.

    An update v1.1 comes out for this game.
    i simply EDIT cards v1.0 OUT of GAMES category and put it on the springboad and update it via itunes or appstore on my touch. THEN i put it back into GAMES category.

    similarly, if i want to delete cards v1.0. i have to take it out of GAMES category and ONLY THEN DELETE IT?

    To update apps that i have not paid for because i am trying them (cracked apps)

    is it the same as 'paid for' apps? (above)

    Syncing/Backing up with it itunes

    When i sync applications with my desktop...will it sync apps that are inside categories ?
    When i BACKUP applications with my desktop...will it BACKUP apps that are inside categories ?

    Winterboard and categories

    I am going to ssh icons into /cateories/icons ....BUT CAN I USE WINTERBOARD'S ICONS FOLDER to theme my categories? For example, in WB Icons folder i can put a icon called GAMES.. will this icon be the icon for my category: Games ? ( In theory
    this should work because Jay Freeman/Saurik says each categories is simply an application that launches others...)

    Is there anything else I should know? anything at all...

    Reason why i am so precautious is because when i first opened categories, there was a mesage from the great Jay Freeman (saurik) that cateories can be "dangerous" if you dont know what you're doing.

    Thanking you

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    1) See: 5

    2) You can simply update the app while it is still in Categories

    3) Cracked apps do not update. No further discussion of anything cracked is allowed

    4) Yes, they will still sync/back up

    5) Yes, putting icons in WinterBoard's Icons folder will work. It is an app

    6) It's not dangerous unless you try to put every single app you have into a category, leaving you with 1 SpringBoard icon.

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