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    hi, first post here... i've searched but can't seem to find the answer to a couple questions. hope someone can help...

    1) is there a limit on the number of folders that categories can handle? i can only get 31 folders to show up when i launch the categories app... it will let me create more but they won't show up on the list. when i respring, they show up on the springboard but i can't put anything in the folders if they don't show up in the categories app. am i doing something wrong or is this a limitation to the program? if it is a limitation... any way to increase the number of folders the categories app can handle?

    2) is there a way of backing up my ipod and recreating it on my iphone? i mean all the categories and apps/bookmark icons/etc.. that i've created and sorted on my ipod to my iphone... any app available to do this? i'd hate to have to recreate and sort everything again on my iphone.

    thanks for any help...

    i am using categories v2.22-2

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